Recyclable Cabinet Dehumidification Box Reuse Air Dryer Moisture Absorber 150ml -

【No Leakage, No Spillage】Unlike traditional dehumidification box, dehumidifier absorb moisture, the crystal beads turn to the dark green from orange and will never leak.
【Visual Plant Ecological Design】Simple geometric design with a leafy saturation display in a transparent “greenhouse” top cover, color changes with water saturation
【Ideal for Small Spaces】This compact and delicate unit is ideal for small spaces up to 5㎡, such as wardrobes, cabinets, jewelry boxes and gym bags.
【Water-Absorbing Particles That Will Change Color】SiO2 Particles, Safe And Convenient Dehumidification. The SiO2 crystal which changes color during the moisture absorption process gradually turns green with the increase of the adsorption moisture, which is convenient for the user to turn on the active drying function in time.
【Recyclable】Built-in heating unit, after the moisture absorption is saturated, the electric heating can be started to open the electric heating and dry, and the dryness is restored. The power is as low as 20W, and the drying and reduction only need about 0.3 degrees of electricity. PTC ceramic heating element, no flame during operation, no visible light, safer.

Use area: 5m2
Rated voltage: AC110-240V
Rated power: 20W
Product size: 123mm X 120mm x 40mm
Capacity: 150ML
Weight: 370g
Color: White

Package Content:
1 x Dehumidification Box

Weight 0,39 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 50 cm



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