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Product information:

Additional features: 120W

Vacuum: 63000Pa

Power supply mode: Charging type

Additional features: water absorption, inflation

Type of dust cleaner: Hand held

Style: Basic style




Full blown dust can be applied to the dead corners of the door seam

Easily absorb and remove all kinds of scene stains and dust

Intelligent self – thermal protection, automatic high – temperature power off

Washable Haipa filter, environmental protection and repeated use



Packing list:

Host ᅲ1

Flat long suction nozzle ᅲ1

Long suction nozzle ᅲ1

Charging cableᅲ 1

Box ᅲ1

Weight 0,62 kg
Dimensions 280 × 280 × 80 cm

Basic upgrading fund, Standard, Brushless motor upgrade, Brushless motor for extra vacuum power, Silver gray 19000pa


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